Beyond the UnderGround (BUG) is our interpretation of the theme of the game jam. Also a heart-fluttering exercise in butterfly watching while trying to find out what's beyond the surface of daily life. Complete 3 mazes to reach the ending... or just relax and enjoy the music! 


LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move, Z or SPACE to jump and interact. 


Programming & Art by @pke1029 GitHub Twitter 

Music & Writing by @starling Twitter

Title art by @im_erique_k Instagram 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Authorspke1029, starling
Made withTIC-80
Tags3D, 8-Bit, Atmospheric, Pixel Art, TIC-80
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

The web version can be slow on some machines. I will work on optimizing the game! But for the moment, the best way is to play it offline. To play offline, download the file corresponding to your operating system, unzip the file and play! 


Download 1 MB
Download 1 MB
Download 1 MB


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Amazing! A ROM .gb or .gba to this game will be awesome to play in console sometimes. Great work folks!

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Relaxing game. All aspects (graphics, music and story) works well together. A quick character animation could be better. 

Thanks !


This is so sweet, what a charming aesthetic!

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i think a plastic is less stiff than this, di you spend too much time on the visuals and music and forgot to the actually code an isometric movement for an isometric camera


I'm in love with the feel of this <3
the music paired with this color palette brings a sweet, whimsical, yet slightly disjointed feel (in a good way!) So glad I wore my good headphones!

I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the experience! We wanted to focus on the atmosphere and aesthetic of the game and we are glad that they are showing through!


LLoved the music, the graphics and the gameplay feel! Everything worked flawlessly on the web build for me. Some way to control the volume would be good, and maybe make it more apparent to the player that we need to get all the coins before proceeding


Thank you! We want to let the player explore the game themselves, so we tried to pull back on the explanations, but that is a very good point!


Such a cool experience, loved the graphics and the fact it’s implemented in TIC-80 makes me appreciate this even more. One feedback, I would love to have a way to lower the music volume a little bit.



Thank you for the kind words and feedback! We choose to use TIC-80 for its 8-bit charm. But that means we have to work around some limitations, one of which is the music and the SFX share the same channel. We'll definitely keep that in mind when we make our next game! 


Really cool game, very calming releasing all those butterflies!

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed your time playing it!


Very great graphics for a TIC-80 game.

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Thanks, the graphics are made using a custom 3D library!